Call a callback function for each entry at this folder level.

Returns : Nothing.

Since: v3.0.0


name type description
callback function the callback to use.

The callback has the following signature : function (relativePath, file) {...} :

name type description
relativePath string the filename and its path, relative to the current folder.
file ZipObject the current file. See ZipObject.


var zip = new JSZip();
zip.file("package.json", "...");
zip.file("lib/index.js", "...");
zip.file("test/index.html", "...");
zip.file("test/asserts/file.js", "...");
zip.file("test/asserts/generate.js", "...");

zip.folder("test").forEach(function (relativePath, file){
    console.log("iterating over", relativePath);

// will display:
// iterating over index.html
// iterating over asserts/
// iterating over asserts/file.js
// iterating over asserts/generate.js