Get a file with the specified name. You can specify folders in the name : the folder separator is a forward slash (“/”).

Returns : An instance of ZipObject representing the file if any, null otherwise.

Since: v1.0.0


name type description
name string the name of the file.

Throws : Nothing.


var zip = new JSZip();
zip.file("file.txt", "content");

zip.file("file.txt").name // "file.txt"
zip.file("file.txt").async("string") // a promise of "content"
zip.file("file.txt").dir // false

// utf8 example
var zip = new JSZip();
zip.file("amount.txt", "€15");
zip.file("amount.txt").async("string") // a promise of "€15"
zip.file("amount.txt").async("arraybuffer") // a promise of an ArrayBuffer containing €15 encoded as utf8
zip.file("amount.txt").async("uint8array") // a promise of an Uint8Array containing €15 encoded as utf8

// with folders
zip.folder("sub").file("file.txt", "content");
zip.file("sub/file.txt"); // the file
// or
zip.folder("sub").file("file.txt") // the file