Search a file in the current folder and subfolders with a regular expression. The regex is tested against the relative filename.

Returns : An array of matching files (an empty array if none matched). Each matching file is an instance of ZipObject.

Since: v1.0.0


name type description
regex RegExp the regex to use.


var zip = new JSZip();
zip.file("file1.txt", "content");
zip.file("file2.txt", "content");

zip.file(/file/); // array of size 2

// example with a relative path :
var folder = zip.folder("sub");
  .file("file3.txt", "content")  // relative path from folder : file3.txt
  .file("file4.txt", "content"); // relative path from folder : file4.txt

folder.file(/file/);  // array of size 2
folder.file(/^file/); // array of size 2, the relative paths start with file

// arrays contain objects in the form:
// {name: "file2.txt", dir: false, async : function () {...}, ...}