Frequently Asked Questions

“Corrupted zip or bug: unexpected signature”

If you are sure that the zip file is correct, that error often comes from a corrupted content. An ajax request, if not prepared correctly, will try to decode the binary content as a text and corrupt it. See this page.

My browser crashes / becomes unresponsive / never finish the execution

That happens if you try to handle to much data with the synchronous API. If possible, try the asynchronous API, see this page for more information.

Can’t read the data of […]. Is it in a supported JavaScript type ?

Or the old message:

The data of […] is in an unsupported format

The method file(name, data [,options]) accepts string and binary inputs for data.

If you use an unsupported type, an object for example, you will get this error:

var data = {
    content: new ArrayBuffer(...)
zip.file("", data); // won't work, data is an object

var data = new ArrayBuffer(...);
zip.file("", data); // will work, JSZip accepts ArrayBuffer

My mac generates a .cpgz file when I try to extract the zip file

MacOS Finder has a lot of bug related to zip files (the unzip command line tool is fine). When something goes wrong, Finder will generate this cpgz file instead of showing an error.

To get a correct result, try to enable compression in generateAsync:

    compression: "DEFLATE" // <-- here

Using platform: "UNIX" may help too.